Flex Wall Washer

Integrated extrusion molding process, IP65 waterproof grade.

Salt resistance, acid resistance, UV resistance.

Various arcs to achieve the effect of wall washing.

Variety of angles optional, easy to install.

Environmental protection silicone material, Free-bending design.

Flexible LED Wall Washer - Free Bending

Free bending flexible LED wall washer is a type of very thin and flexible wall washers. It is made with silicone molding and a built-in lens process, making it an excellent replacement for traditional straight metal type flexible LED wall washer lights.

This light’s free bending characteristics allow it to transmit space light, which expands the range of lighting applications and solves the problem of curved light transmission., and it can also be bent horizontally and vertically at the same time. and it is extremely small and convenient for hidden installation

The free-bending flex wall washer is extremely small and convenient for hidden installation. It can be widely used in parks and road grounds buildings, cultural and tourism buildings, lighting sculptures, and more.

What is Flexible LED Wall Washer?

The Flexible LED Wall Washer is designed to illuminate larger vertical surfaces such as walls and facades. It is made of a flexible material that bends and adapts to the shape of the surface it is mounted on.

Flexible LED wall washer are usually rolled in 5 meters, and custom lengths are supported. But you are not supported to cut it by yourself, because waterproofing is difficult to deal with. At the same time, it also has different angle options: 15°/30°/50°/20*35°/18*20°/20*55°

The integrated extrusion molding process of this flex wall washer ensures its waterproof quality, and it is designed with hidden end caps for easy installation.


Flex LED Wall Washer Application

  • Integrated extrusion molding process.
  • Small in size and light for flexibility.
  • Environmental protection silicone material.
  • Horizontal and vertical bending capabilities.
  • Variety of angles (15°/30°/50°/20/35°/18/20°/20*55°).
  • Hidden end cap design for easy installation.
  • Low voltage DC24V for a higher safety factor.
  • Free bending design can fit various curved surfaces.

Flexible LED Wall Washer Application

Flexible LED wall washer is mainly used for outdoor lightings, such as Building facade lighting, Park and garden lighting, Road and bridge lighting, Residential lighting, Signage and billboard lighting, and Landscape and outdoor feature lighting so on.

FAQs About Flexible LED Wall Washer

A Flex LED wall washer light strip is designed to illuminate a large vertical surface such as a wall or a facade. It is very soft and flexibility.

The LED wall washer light belt adopts an integrated extrusion molding process, and the lighting is uniform. And soft and flexible, it can fit perfectly with curved surfaces.

There are many colors to choose from for LED wall washer lights, single color, tunable white color, RGB, RGBW, and DMX512.

The installation steps are very simple, you can directly use the accessory clips and screws to install the LED wall washer to the surface.

Our Flex LED wall washer is a low voltage of 24V only now.

Yes, Flex LED wall washer light strips can be dimmed using a dimmer switch.

The Flex LED wall washer can last up to 50,000 hours or more.

No, it can’t be cuttable by yourself, but support the custom length you want.

IP65 waterproof of the LED wall washer can resist water splashes, while IP68 waterproof can be submerged in water.

Yes, LED wall washer light strips can be used outdoors as long as they are designed for outdoor use, but they can’t be used under the water.