DMX512 & SPI Neon Flex

DMX512 & SPI, support programming.

Environmental grade flexible silicone material.

Integrated extrusion molding process, uniform light.

IP67 protection level, no yellowing and hardening.

3 years warranty for outdoor lighting use.

DMX512 & SPI Neon Flex Lighting Solution

The integrated extrusion molding process creates the DMX & SPI Neon Flex, an LED neon flex that allows individual control of each LED segment. It will show a greater degree of customization and versatility in lighting projects.

DMX512 & SPI LED neon flex contains multiple individual LEDs, which you can program to display various colors, patterns, and effects. And can create dynamic lighting displays that synchronize with music, video, or other external sources.

DMX & SPI Neon Flex is gaining popularity in applications such as stage, architectural lighting, music, and event lighting as well as dynamic, customizable lighting.

What is DMX512 LED Neon Flex?

DMX512 is a LED lighting system that uses DMX512 protocol to control light effects. DMX512 is a standard protocol for stage lighting that allows multiple lighting devices to be controlled through a single DMX controller.

When the LED Neon Flex is combined with the DMX512 protocol, the LED Neon Flex can be controlled to produce a series of lighting effects, including color changing, dimming and strobe. It can be adapted to more dynamic and versatile lighting designs, mainly in staging and event productions.

DMX512 Neon Strip 0612

What is SPI LED Neon Flex?

DMX512 Neon Strip 1615

SPI stands for Serial Peripheral Interface and is a communication protocol used to send data between electronic devices. That can individually control each LED diode in a light strip.

SPI LED neon flex offers the benefits of led neon flex energy efficiency, and durability while allowing precise control of each LEDs and stunning lighting effects. 

Which is commonly used in architectural lighting, signage and entertainment applications.

DMX512&SPI LED Neon Flex Application

DMX512&SPI LED neon flex are mainly used in outdoor lighting and stage events, such as: architectural lighting, retail displays, store signage, art installations, theme parks, nightclubs, concerts, and more.

FAQs About DMX512&SPI LED Neon Flex

The SPI LED neon flex is actually a LED strip with the look of a neon tube, but it can produce neon effects by programming the LED lights and controller.

A DMX512 LED neon flex is an LED neon lighting. It uses the DMX512 protocol to control the lighting effects, allowing for more precise and complex lighting patterns.

The advantages of SPI neon flex are not only energy saving and long service life but also greater operability in terms of color and lighting effects.

Using DMX512 neon flex include greater control over lighting effects, and the ability to synchronize multiple lighting for more complex show.

It can’t be cut because it is hard to deal with waterproofing. We support custom length.

The main difference is how they are controlled. SPI neon flex uses simple controllers, while DMX512 neon flex uses the DMX512 protocol to allow more complex control.

Yes, DMX512 & SPI neon flex can be dimmed with a compatible dimmer.