IP68 Silicon Neon

Using Dow Chemical's SILASTIC™ ET-7021 silicone rubber, durability and transparency.

Superior toughness, modern design, uniform lighting.

Environmentally friendly material, integrated extrusion moulding technique.

IP68 protection rating, resistant to saltwater solutions, acids, alkalis, and UV rays.

Withstanding chlorination used in underwater, such as swimming pools.

With a 3-year warranty and a lifespan > 30,000 hours.

IP68 Silicone Neon Flex for Outdoor Lighting Applications

What is IP68?

IP68 silicone neon flex, IP68 is a rating system used to classify the degree of protection provided by electronic equipment against water, dust, and other solid particles. It is composed of two numbers, the first number represents the level of protection against solid particles, and the second number represents the waterproof level.

“IP” stands for “Ingress Protection” and refers to the ability of an electronic device to prevent water, dust, and other particles from entering its internal components.

The number “6” in the IP68 rating indicates the highest level of protection against dust and other solid particles, meaning the device is completely dustproof. The number “8” indicates the highest waterproof level, which means that the device can be immersed in the specified depth of water for a long time without being damaged.

In short, a device with an IP68 protection rating is the highest level of protection against water and dust, such as underwater or in watery and dusty environments.

What is IP68 Silicone Neon Flex?

IP68 silicone neon flex is specially designed for installation under the water, such as swimming pool water. It is a waterproof lighting solution. 

IP68 is the highest level of protection against water and dust, they have an extremely high level of water resistance. And need to withstand prolonged exposure to water and other chemical elements.

IP68 silicone neon flex is available in a variety of led light colors and is also available in custom colors and lengths. They add a stylish and contemporary look to the swimming pool, while also providing a colorful and energy-efficient lighting solution.

IP68 Silicone Neon Strip 6

IP68 Silicone Neon Flex be Damaged By Chlorine?

Chlorine, as we know, is commonly used to sanitize swimming pools. And it can cause damage to LED lighting over time. If the IP68 silicone neon flex is used in a swimming pool, it must be a product that is resistant to chlorine corrosion and water pressure, and it must also ensure its service life in the swimming pool environment.

Therefore, we have developed IP68 silicone neon flex, especially for swimming pools or multi-water conditions. These neon flex are strictly tested to ensure they are resistant to chlorine corrosion and come with a 3-year quality guarantee. In addition, it is also suitable for an underwater 3-meter swimming pool environment.

Pls kindly note that everyone needs to be aware that ordinary aluminum profile mounting clips are not suitable for use in swimming pools. Because they will be corroded by chemicals in chlorine. So you need to use our chlorine-resistant IP68 silicone neon flex and mounting clips, then ensure the longevity and safety of your swimming pool lighting.

Caution: When you Install IP68 Silicone Neon Flex

In order to ensure your smooth and safe installation of IP68 silicone neon flex, whether it is installed by the swimming pool or outdoor lighting projects, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Light Source: First of all, you must make sure that the LED neon flex you buy must be used outdoors. It must be guaranteed to be used underwater, and measure and customize the appropriate length of the neon flex in advance to avoid cutting again.
  • Power Supply: Make sure the power supply for the IP68 silicone neon flex is installed in a dry location away from the pool area. All electrical connections should be properly insulated and waterproof.
  • Installation Clip: If it is installed next to the swimming pool or underwater, it must be used with the installation clip designed to resist chlorine corrosion.
  • Water Level: Before installing the neon strips, the water level in the pool should be adjusted to the correct level. You need to ensure that the light should be installed at a certain position on the water level, not as deep as you want.
  • Installation Location: Make sure the area where you install your neon strip is clean and free of any debris or dirt.
  • Test: Before lighting up your IP68 silicone neon flex, make sure all the electrical is waterproof and that they are working properly.

IP68 Silicone Neon Flex Application

IP68 silicone neon flex is mainly suitable for outdoor lighting and underwater lighting, it currently supports putting into the water 3 meters.

silicone neon flex swimming pool

LED Neon Flex Lights Video

FAQs About IP68 Silicone Neon Flex

Yes, IP68 neon strips are designed for underwater use in swimming pools, fountains and other water environments. However, the specific number of meters underwater needs to be confirmed in advance.

Yes, the IP68 neon strip is relatively easy to install, it needs to be fixed on the surface with snaps.

Answer: Generally speaking, cutting is not supported. When you buy, it needs to be cut to size in advance to fit a specific length or area. Because if you cut it yourself, it is difficult to deal with the waterproof problem.

Yes, the IP68 neon light strip also needs to be connected to a power source to operate, and it must be equipped with a waterproof power supply.

Yes, our IP68 neon strips are dimmable, but you need a dimmer.

IP68 neon strips are durable, waterproof design and customizable color lengths, and can be placed underwater.

IP68 neon strips are available in a variety of colors, including monochrome, dual-color, color, and Digital RGB for your choice.

Yes, IP68 neon strips are safe to use in swimming pools, because this IP68 neon tube is specially designed for swimming pools, which is extremely waterproof.

The lifespan of IP68 neon strips varies with usage and environmental factors, ours is a three-year warranty.

The answer is yes. IP68 neon strips are also available for commercial applications such as outdoor lighting for buildings and signage.