Embedded Silicone Neon

"Embedded design", integrated extrusion molding process.

Unique structure design, uniform lighting.

No gaps, perfect fit space of installation.

IP44 protection level, salt solution resistance, acid & alkalis.

3 years warranty, use for indoor lighting project.

What is Embedded Silicone Neon Flex?

Embedded Silicone Neon Flex is a neon strip with an inset design. It does not require any accessories to install. They can fit the space perfectly without any gaps.

Embedded neon flex is also an integrated extrusion molding process, with a unique structural design and uniform lighting. You can install it anywhere you want to achieve the lighting atmosphere you want.

The waterproof level is IP44, it is mainly used for indoor lighting. It can be embedded in the wall of the living room or the floor of the bedroom. It is mainly used to enhance the atmosphere, and the overall style is modern lighting.

Features of Embedded Silicone Neon Flex

  • Embedded design, don’t need any accessories.
  • No any gaps, perfect fit any space you want.
  • Single color, tunable white, RGB, RGBW optional.
  • Support custom length without any MOQ.
  • IP44 protection level, for indoor lighting only.

How to Install the Embedded Silicone Neon Flex?

FAQs About Embedded Silicone Neon Flex

The embedded neon flex can be embedded in the ground or wall without any accessories. It can completely fit the space.

Yes, it can be cut by yourself.

Single color, tunable white, RGB, RGBW optional.

No, because this neon flex is IP44 waterproof and can only be used for indoor lighting.

The sample is available if you need it, I will like to send the sample to you for testing first.