LED Aluminum Profile

High quality anpdised aluminium profile

Easy to integrtate where lessspace is available

Various sizes and lengths and design for different application

Diffuser, Opal, Transparent and optic lens for different required

What is an LED Aluminum Profile?

LED aluminum profile, also known as aluminum profile. Its raw material is aluminum, and there is a PC cover to match it as a set. Its main purpose is to house and protect the LED strip lights. Most importantly, it can also help the LED strip to dissipate heat quickly.

Now, LED aluminum profiles are becoming more and more popular in architectural lighting and commercial residences. There are many benefits to using LED aluminum profiles. The LED aluminum profile can better protect the LED light strip and prolong the use time.

More importantly, the combination of LED aluminum profiles and LED strip lights becomes decorative architectural lighting. Support hoisting, surface installation and embedded, there are better installation methods to choose from.

LED Aluminum Profile with LED Strip Lights

We can see LED aluminum profiles with LED strip lights in many architectural lighting. The LED aluminum profile provides housing and protection for the LED strip lights, and it also assists the LED strip lights to dissipate heat.

Facts have proved that LED aluminum profiles are indeed the best choice for LED strip lights installation and functional accessories. They are often used as LED strip diffusers for better diffusion and lighting creative lighting effects.

Because of its aesthetic linear shape, hidden appearance, the lighting it produces is aesthetically pleasing and modern.

Advantages of LED Neon Flex

LED aluminum profiles are aluminum products, which mainly provide protection for LED light strips, protecting them from water, dust, ultraviolet radiation, weather conditions, etc.

The LED aluminum profile can help the LED strip lights dissipate heat and absorb the heat generated by the LED strip lights, thus prolonging the use time of the LED strip lights.

LED aluminum profiles are available in many colors and different sizes, allowing you to create suspended or surface-mounted LED luminaires, recessed LED luminaires.

LED aluminum profiles can be seamlessly embedded in the stairs, floors, walls and ceiling slots. They take up very little space and provide consistent light without looking bulky light fixtures.

LED aluminum profile is very easy to install. You only need to paste the 3M adhesive of the LED strip on the LED profile, and then fix it with the installation buckle.

The concept of LED profile linear lighting creates a fantastic lighting shape for the space. After installing the LED strip, we can only get a uniform light, and its outline can add a sense of depth to the indoor environment. Mainly used in commercial lighting and residential lighting.

LED aluminum profile are generally 1 meter/pcs, 2 meters/pcs, and 3 meterspcs. In order to meet customers’ lighting engineering needs, custom lengths are supported, such as 50 cm/pcs, 150 cmpcs, etc. We can customize it to the size you want.

How to Choose the Right LED Aluminum Profile for the LED Strip?

In order to ensure that you can buy a suitable LED aluminum profile, you must first consider these factors as follows:

LED Strip Size:
You need to confirm the size of the LED strip, waterproof or non-waterproof. The key point we need to consider is the width and height of the LED strip. The width inside the LED aluminum profile must be greater than the width of the LED strip.

The Length of the LED Strip:
You have to measure the length of the installation and purchase the corresponding light bar. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider whether there are corners and irregular lengths in the installation place. It is necessary to cut the LED strip in advance and customize the LED aluminum profile and cover of the same length.

Types of LED Aluminum Profiles:
After we confirm the light bar, we have to consider choosing the type of LED aluminum profile. We have many types to choose from surface mount, flush mount, angle mount, ground mount, and special series. You can choose the appropriate LED aluminum profile according to your lighting project.

LED Diffuser Color:
We have three colors to choose from: Opcal, Transparent and frosted shades. The effect of each LED diffuser is different, you have to choose the corresponding cover color according to the lighting effect you want.

Types of LED Aluminum Profiles

We offer various types of LED Aluminum Profiles in different sizes, such as products covering all different installations such as Surface Mounted Series, Recessed Series, Angular Series, Mini Series, Floor Series etc. Our products are able to meet the needs of the architecture industry, stage design, interior and exterior design and many other fields. With CE and Rohs standard.

Surface Mounted Series

Surface Mounted Series

Recessed Series

Angular Series

Angular Series

Mini Series

Floor Series

Floor Series

Wall Series

Wall Series

Suspending and Surface Series

Special Series

Special Series

How to Install LED Aluminum Profile?

LED aluminum profiles are typically mounted using mounting brackets, screws, 3M double-sided tape and fasteners. Different aluminum profiles have similar installation steps as follows.

Fixed With Screws

We first determine the position to install the LED aluminum profile, and the best way is to use screws to fix it. Assembly with screws is one of the most durable methods of securing the profile of the plinth. Of course, you have to attach the LED strips properly to the profile first to make the whole element strong and durable.

Double Sided Sticky Strip

For some LED aluminum profiles with simple structures and angles, we can consider using double-sided adhesive strips to stick to the base. If you are considering this option, two key factors require our attention. The first is to choose the right, good-quality double-sided tape. The second is to prepare the fixing surface. Before glueing the LED aluminum profile, we must ensure that the surface is properly cleaned so that it will remain stable.

Double Sided Sticky Strip 1


Some special LED aluminum profiles are equipped with this bracket accessory. which requires you to purchase additionally. This accessory is usually the usual installation method for furniture profiles.

The brackets are screwed to the selected surface, on which the profiles can then be placed. This is a relatively simple method because once the brackets are fixed, it is only necessary to place the LED profiles into the pre-assembled brackets. This method of assembly slightly changes the final look of the LED profile, allowing you to achieve new lighting effects.


Spring Assembly

Spring fittings are most commonly used to join building LED aluminum profiles and are usually much larger than other profiles. The bottom of these profiles is not flat, in such cases, our installation with accessory springs is the best solution.

Fixing with Suspension Wires

More and more people are interested in hanging LED lamps. This kind of lamp with LED aluminum profiles and LED strip lights needs accessories and Suspension wires for installation.

If you choose the LED aluminum profile of the Suspending series, you should also choose the accessory suspending wire. This type of LED aluminum profile fulfils the need for external wiring, thus adding to the aesthetics of the suspended lighting system. By connecting the profiles connected to the ceiling using suspension wires, we were given the freedom to create modern and unique lighting solutions.

Fixing with Suspension Wires

Accessories - Diffuser Cover/End Caps

The LED aluminum profile needs to be used together with the LED diffuser cover, and of course, it needs to be matched with an end cap (two end cap options: one is end cap with holes, and the other end cap without hole), and finally match the LED strip lights, this is a complete set of lamps.

So we need to choose a suitable color LED diffuser cover. We fix it with screws first and then install the diffuser cover by simply pushing it on top of the LED aluminum profile.

Applications of LED Aluminum Profile

LED aluminum profiles are available in different types and in various shapes to suit any space. The length is also customizable. Whether it is a very long or short LED aluminum profile, it is controllable, so is very flexible to choose from.

LED aluminum profiles with LED strips have been used in various lighting projects, especially indoor lighting, under-cabinet lighting, ceiling lighting, stair lighting, display cabinets, accent lighting, and decorative lighting on walls and floors.

Of course, outdoor lighting is also available, but you need to choose waterproof LED aluminum profiles. They are suitable for outdoor lighting in landscapes, gardens, patios, balconies and walkways.

FAQs About LED Aluminum Profile

The LED aluminum profile is an aluminum product, and it is matched with the LED diffuser cover. Primarily extruded aluminum slots specially designed to hold LED strips or strips, giving LED strips protection and a professional look.

The LED aluminum profile can protect the LED strip lights from damage, dust and moisture, and help the LED strip lights dissipate heat, prolonging the service life of the lamp.

LED aluminum profiles are available in various shapes and sizes such as surface mount, embedded, ceiling mount, corner mount, etc. There are also diffuser covers in different colors, milky white, transparent and frosted diffuser covers.

LED Aluminum Extrusions are used for indoor and outdoor lighting in various applications such as retail displays, commercial and residential lighting, cabinet lighting and architectural lighting.

The LED aluminum profile has an aluminum profile, a diffuser cover, and two end caps. There are also some accessories, such as screws, mounting brackets, and spring brackets, which can be selected according to your needs.

Yes, LED aluminum profiles can be customized to suit your lighting project. Custom options include different lengths, shapes, and mounting options.

It mainly depends on what type of profile you have, and then decides how to install it. The main mounting accessories are easy installation with screws, clips, mounting brackets, etc.

Yes, LED aluminum profiles are available with LED diffuser covers in clear, opal and transparent covers.

Yes, LED aluminum profiles can be used outdoors, but they must choose the waterproof aluminum profile and be properly sealed.

The lifespan of LED aluminum profiles varies depending on the quality of the profile, around 3-5 years warranty. Quality LED aluminum profiles can last for many years.

Yes, we can customise the length of LED aluminum profile for you, LED aluminum profiles also can be cut to a specific length using a saw or a cutting tool.

You should consider the type of LED strip you are using, the installation location, the mounting option, and the desired lighting effect.

Yes, LED aluminum profiles are recyclable, as they are made from high-quality extruded aluminum.