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What is High Efficiency Neon Flex?

High efficiency neon flex is a one-piece extruded LED strip light, mainly for indoor and outdoor lighting, such as architectural lighting and commercial lighting.

It is a unique neon flex that uses high-efficiency LEDs as the light source. The luminous efficiency of high-efficiency neon lights is about 40% higher than that of traditional neon lights.

It is characterized by energy saving and durability, with a simple and stylish appearance. And there are plenty of power and color temperature options to choose from, too. you can enjoy it with confidence.

Features of High Efficiency Neon Flex

  • Integrated silicone extrusion process.
  • Simple appearance, uniform light without shadows.
  • Environmentally friendly silicone material, unique design.
  • High-efficiency LEDs are used as the light source.
  • IP67 protection level, indoor and outdoor lighting.

FAQs About LED Neon Flex

High-efficiency flex lights are actually neon flex, but their luminous efficiency is about 40% higher than traditional neon lights.

Yes, you can cut it according to the cutting marks.

3 years warranty, about 30000 hours.