In recent years, more and more people choose to use LED strip lights when decorating their home. The main reason is that LED strip lights have many advantages such as durability, flexibility, power saving, eco-friendly, small and exquisite, and strong applicability. Let the LED strip lights highlight their own charm with their unique charm in home decoration.

Then let’s discuss the places where LED strip lights can be installed in the home. Read on to learn about unique ways to incorporate LED strip lights into your home to brighten up your home.

13 Creative Ways to Use LED Strip Lights in Home

LED strip lights are used at home and outdoors. It can be installed in many places in the home. It’s just hard to see if you don’t look carefully. For example, the living room, bathroom, hallway, bedroom, kitchen, and so on. Here are 13 places where LED strips can light up your home for your reference.

Kitchen Cabinets

Install LED strip lights under cabinets in the kitchen for task lighting. Then, you can focus on your prep area, which can help you cook more consciously. At the same time, it can also be used for ambiance and can be used to brighten and dim cabinet lighting. Thus, creating a warm and harmonious atmosphere.

LED strip lights light up your home Kitchen Cabinets

Living Room

The living room is a great place for guests and family to gather and relax. When decorating the living room with LED strip lights, we can put the LED strip lights on the ceiling. We feel the beauty of the light but don’t see the light itself.

LED strip lights illuminate hidden places on the inner side of the wall, curtains, and corners, creating a vertically scattered and intertwined soft light effect that enlarges the space.

Stair lighting

Many people use LED strip lights to light their stairsteps. People commonly install LED strip lights under the steps or beside the walls of the stairs based on their personal preferences. Installing LED strip lights on the stairs is mainly to improve safety while adding a touch of modern fashion.

TV Backlighting

Install LED strip lights behind a TV or a floating shelf to enhance the ambiance. The main purpose is to assist with lighting and enhance the atmosphere. At the same time, it can also create a modern and immersive lighting effect.

Wardrobe Lighting

Bring LED strips into your closet while illuminating a closet or wardrobe. It’s a modern way of lighting. It helps you find clothes easily and creates a luxurious feel.

Bookshelf Lighting

Install LED strip lights on the bookcase to light up the entire bookcase. On a quiet night, it is convenient for you to find the book you want to read.

At the same time, the lighting emitted by the entire bookcase is warm and peaceful. Enhance the display of books or decorations by installing LED strips on the bookshelves.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Brighten up any dark area by installing LED strip lights under cabinets in any room. Including the kitchen, bathroom, and even the living room. They provide focused lighting for specific tasks and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Bathroom Mirror

Place LED strip lights around your bathroom mirror or vanity. Allows you to take better care of yourself. At the same time, it also provides even and attractive lighting for grooming tasks.

Garden Lighting

If you have a small garden at home, decorate it with waterproof LED strip lights. While illuminating a patio, patio or garden path, it can also accentuate its beauty.

Home Office

Install LED strip lights under your home desk or workstation to reduce eye strain and improve concentration. Alternatively, you can place it behind a desk or under a shelf to provide practical and stylish lighting.

Room Corridor

Install the LED strip lights in each room corridor, so that you can see the road better. And if you get up at night and turn on the LED strip lights, you won’t feel too glaring. Plus, you can use dimmable LED strips for a subtle and soothing night-time lighting effect.

Outdoor Events

Enhance outdoor events by installing LED strip lights along the edge of the patio or garden. But go for waterproof LED strips to extend their use to outdoor spaces. They provide functional and decorative lighting and are perfect for outdoor gatherings.

DIY Home Theater

At home, we all want to create a small space. In your spare time, read a book, drink a cup of tea, or watch a movie. With LED strip lights, you can create immersive and interesting scenes for your leisure time.

LED Strip Lights Bright Up Your Home

Discover the amazing uses of LED strip lights in your home as you read this article. Far from its humble beginnings, LED strip lights have the added benefit of longevity and versatility.

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What color temperature LED strip lights can be installed at home?

This is mainly based on personal preference. If it is used in the living room, you can choose 2700K-4000K, if it is used in the bedroom, you can choose 3000K, and if it is used in the kitchen, you can choose 4000K-6000K.

Is the color temperature 2700K-3000K suitable for a home?

Known as soft white at 2700 to 3000 Kelvin, LED lights have a warm yellowish hue. More people choose this color temperature range, and the soft white light is perfect for living spaces where you want to feel comfortable and comfortable, such as a bedroom, dining room, or living room.

Where would you best place your LED strip light in your bedroom?

It is usually placed behind the baffle at the head of the bed, and the refracted light hidden in the headboard makes the top of the bed more three-dimensional. And it emits soft light, which makes the bedroom full of a warm and romantic atmosphere.

Can you cut LED strip lights at home?

Yes, you can cut the LED strips yourself. You can cut them to fit different areas of your home. Whether it’s adding extra lighting to a lower cabinet or backlighting a TV.

Are the LED strip lights enough to light up a room?

This requires you to choose the LED light strip with the right lumens to decorate your home. In general, a good quality LED strip should provide at least 450 lumens per foot (1500 lumens per meter).