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LED strip lights are a creative solution for lighting any space. In the ever-evolving world of LED lighting, COB (chip-on-board) technology has become a game-changer. This advanced lighting solution is popular for its continuous illumination, versatility,, and energy efficiency. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at what COB LED strip lights are, exploring their features, benefits, applications, and installation methods.

What are COB LED Strip lights?

COB LED strip lights attach LED chips directly to FPCB (flexible printed circuit board). These diodes are placed closely together and covered with phosphor gel. The tight layout, combined with the phosphor coating creates a continuous lighting effect.

Continuous LED strip lights or pointless LED strip lights are also called COB LED strip lights. You can also bend the COB LED strip lights to fit different spaces and shapes. You can bend COB LED strips into tight areas or install them around corners because they are very flexible.

COB LED Strip Lights vs. SMD LED Strip Lights?

The difference is the distance between the chips and the level of light density emitted by the strip. Soldering the chips to the circuit board characterizes SMD LED strips. The space between the chips results in a lower optical density for SMD strips, while COB strips are considered to have a higher optical density.

COB LED Strip Lights VS. SMD LED Strip Lights
  • COB LED strips provide even light and better consistency.
  • COB LED strips have better flexibility than SMD strip lights.
  • The COB LED strip is 180 degrees, and the beam angle of the SMD LED strip is 120 degrees.

How do Produce the COB LED Strip lights?

Manufacturers produce COB LED flexible strips through a meticulous process that involves placing multiple LED chips directly onto a flexible circuit board. The following is the production process of the COB LED strip lights:

1: Expanding chips
2: Die bonding-die attached process
3: Resistors assemble
4: SMD completed; place it cooling
5: Reflow the PCB board
6: Phosphor mixture
7: Drop the phosphor by the auto-glue machine
8: Oven again and speed up glue drying
9: Soldering the PCB into the lengths 5 meters/reel
9: QC-testing all COB LED strip
11: Age testing and packing, shipping

Advantages of COB LED Strip Lights

COB LED flexible light strips (COB stands for chip on board) have many advantages and support customization. Here are some of the key benefits of COB LED flexible light strips:

High Brightness

COB LED technology enables higher-density LED chips on a single board, resulting in higher brightness compared to other LED light strips.

Uniform Lighting

This is a very prominent advantage of COB light strips. The closely arranged LED chips on COB light strips help achieve uniform lighting without any lighting spots or dark areas, thus providing consistent and smooth light output.

Compact Design

COB LED flexible light strips are known for their compact and thin designs. They are all high-density light strips. The smallest number of lamp beads can reach 480 leds per meter, while the maximum can reach 840 leds per meter. Making it versatile and suitable for applications where space is limited.

Energy Efficiency

COB LEDs are also energy efficient. It can also convert a higher proportion of electrical energy into visible light. This efficiency helps save energy and reduce power consumption.


COB LED flexible light strips remain flexible, making them extremely easy to bend and adapt to various shapes and contours, allowing for creative and versatile lighting designs.

Long Life

COB LED technology is known for its long life. The absence of individual LED packages reduces the likelihood of individual component failure, helping to extend service life.

Wide beam angle

COB LED flexible light strips usually offer wide beam angles, which can reach 180 degrees. This ensures broad and even coverage of light. This is particularly advantageous in applications requiring illumination over a wide area.

Support customization

COB LED lights come with a variety of color temperatures to choose from. The conventional one is to choose between warm, neutral or cool white light. Other COB RGB, COB RGBW, and COB RGBCCT are also available.

The Characteristics of COB LED Strip Lights

Next, we will introduce in detail the types and products of COB flexible light strips, where to install them, how to cut them, etc. You can refer to it to help you better understand and choose COB LED strip lights.

COB LED Strip Lights Series

COB LED Strip Lights Series

4mm COB LED Strip

Narrow 4mm PCB board COB LED Strip for a single color. high-density 480leds/m color uniform. Available in 12vDC and 24vDC. 5W per meter, high CRI90+ with good color, and 4 normal color temperatures are 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, and 6500K. Other color temperatures are also customizable, and samples are provided free of charge.

8mm 10mm COB LED Strip

8mm 10mm PCB board COB LED Strip for a single color 480leds/m, no any dark area. 12vDC and 24vDC optional. 5W 10W 15W per meter, 4 normal color temperatures are 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, and 6500K. Other colors also do it, such as red, green, blue, yellow, orange, Tiffany blue, Mars green, pink, and more.

Tunable White COB LED Strip

Tunable white COB LED Strip 576leds/m with high density, 10mm PCB board, 24VDC only, supports custom voltage. 10W, 15W per meter; two normal color temperatures are 2700K and 6500K. Other colors can also do it, such as 3000K+6500K and 2700K+4000K.


RGB COB LED strips up to 840 l/m, a high-density array of red, green, and blue LEDs. It can mix red, green, and blue light to create virtually any color in the visible spectrum. A wide range of colors and color effects to fit your lighting projects.


RGBW COB LED strip with 560 high-density LEDs that have four different colors of LEDs on each chip. The acronym “RGBW” stands for “Red, Green, Blue, and White.” It is 16W per meter, 24vDC only, 12mm PCB board, RGB+3000K.


RGBCCT COB LED strip with 840 high-density LEDs that have five different colors of LEDs on each chip. The acronym “RGBCCT” stands for “Red, Green, Blue, Warm White, and White.” 16W per meter, 24vDC only, 12mm PCB board, RGB+3000K+6000K.

Dim to Warm COB LED Strip

Dim to warm COB LED strip with 588 LEDs high density, dim 3000K–1800K, 15W per meter, 24vDC only, 12mm pcb board, CRI>90+, and other color temperatures can also be customized.

Where are COB LED Strip Lights Used?

COB LED strips are popular for their even, seamless lighting with a consistent color temperature. Therefore, they are relatively hidden behind any object without making the lamp beads visible. Therefore, COB LED light strips are usually used when the light strip is close to a reflective surface because they do not show any hot spots in the reflection. The following are some common places where COB LED light strips are used:

How to Install the COB LED Strip Lights (Step by Step)

Architectural Lighting: COB LED strips, like other regular LED strips, are often used to emphasize the architectural features of a building, providing stylish, modern lighting solutions for facades, columns, and structural elements.

Product Display: In retail environments, COB LED strips are used to highlight products and create visually appealing displays. Their high brightness and color accuracy make them ideal for displaying merchandise.

Commercial Signage: COB LED strips have an even light distribution, so they are ideal for illuminating signs and lettering, making text clearly visible. Especially in outdoor environments, visibility can be improved.

Bay Lighting: The flexibility of COB LED strips allows them to be easily installed in coves and recessed areas. It mainly provides indirect lighting to enhance the atmosphere of spaces such as living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.

Under-cabinet lighting: COB LED strips are commonly used for under-cabinet lighting in kitchens, providing a solution for task lighting while adding a modern feel to the space.

Hotels: COB LED strips are used in hotel lounges to create warm mood lighting. They can be installed behind a headboard, along a hallway, or in a ceiling recess.

Stair Lighting: COB LED strips are also used in stair lighting to enhance safety and aesthetics by creating a visually appealing and well-lit path.

How do I cut COB LED Strip Lights?

The COB light strip supports cutting, and you can cut it at the designated cutting mark. You can cut it to any length you need.

  1. Measure the length you want
  2. Find the cutting mark
  3. Cut COB LED strip in cutting mark
  4. Solder tin on the cable
  5. Solder tin on COB LED strip pad
  6. Solder COB LED strip (red to positive, black to negative)
  7. Then light up COB led strip

How to Install the COB LED Strip Lights (Step by Step)?

Installing a COB (chip on board) LED strip light is a relatively simple process, just like installing other normal LED strip lights. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you install COB light strips:

Materials needed:
COB light strip
power supply
Mounting clips or tape
Cutting tool (if strips need to be trimmed)

  • Step 1: Plan the installation
    Before installation, plan where you will install the COB strip lights. Consider the layout, corners, and any obstructions that may affect the installation.
  • Step 2: Clean the surface
    Make sure the surface where you plan to install the COB light strip is clean, dry, and free of dust. This will help the adhesive on the back of the strip adhere firmly.
  • Step 3: Cut the strips (if necessary)
    Conventional light strips come in a roll of 5 meters and need to be installed and cut to the corresponding length. But remember, you must cut it at the place where the logo is cut.
  • Step 4: Connect the power supply
    Connect the COB light strip to a compatible power source. Always make sure the voltage and current specifications match to avoid damaging the strips.
  • Step 5: Test lighting the COB LED light strip
    Light it up to test, and if it’s OK, you can fix it. But before checking, be sure to turn off the power.
  • Step 6: Final Test
    Once the COB strips are securely in place, conduct a final test to ensure they are working properly and providing the desired lighting effect.

COB LED Strip Lights Video


COB LED strip lights represent innovation in lighting technology. The main advantages are its brightness, uniform brightness, and flexibility. COB LED strips can transform any space, providing a bright, efficient lighting solution, so you can try COB strips.

NeonLEDStrip is a professional COB LED strip light manufacturer and factory. All our LED strip lights and LED neon flex lights are of the highest quality, guaranteed. Additionally, we offer customizable options for LED strips and flexible neon lights. If necessary, please contact us.


What are COB LED strip lights?

COB LED light strips or chip-on-board LED light strips are flexible lighting solutions. It has densely packed LED chips on a single board, thereby improving brightness and uniform illumination. Can be used where auxiliary lighting is concentrated.

What are the main advantages of COB LED light strips?

COB LED light strips are actually similar to other LED light strips, but they have unique advantages. That is, uniform illumination, compact design, high energy efficiency, excellent color mixing, and wide application.

Does the COB LED light strip support customization?

Yes, all our COB LED light strip series support full customization. Including color, length, function, color temperature, label, etc.

Are COB light strips suitable for outdoor use?

Can be used outdoors. But you need to choose a COB LED light strip with a corresponding waterproof level. Just make sure it’s waterproof. Check with the supplier for outdoor use before purchasing to ensure suitability for specific outdoor applications.

Can COBLED light strips be cut?

Yes, all COB LED light strip series support cutting. But you need to cut it according to the relevant size, and you need to find the cutting mark. Otherwise, its circuit will be damaged, and it will become unusable.