Do you need an LED neon flex light now? So do you need to find an LED neon flex manufacturer/supplier of high-quality? There are so many companies out there that it’s hard to decide who to buy from. You need to consider quality, price, and service together.

Therefore, I will introduce to you in detail the advantages of LED neon flex lights and how to buy high-quality LED neon flex lights. So that you can find the best-LED neon flex light manufacturer/supplier.

What are LED Neon Flex Lights?

LED Flex Neon lights are a versatile, modern alternative to traditional neon lights. Traditionally, neon lights simply consisted of neon gas filled in a charged glass tube. The light source inside the current LED neon tube uses an LED strip light, which is wrapped with a layer of silica gel. So, it is more flexible, energy-saving, and customizable, making it ideal for lighting in residential and commercial environments.

Now many more people will choose LED neon flex lights to make neon signs, such as trademarks and shop names, to add innovative and trendy effects. People also use it for greater design flexibility and a variety of vibrant colors.

What are LED Neon Flex Lights

What Type of LED Neon Flex Lights?

LED Flex Neon is a dynamic and versatile lighting solution that significantly improves the lighting levels of a space. Unlike traditional neon lights, LED Neon Flex offers flexibility, durability, and energy efficiency. These lights are available in a variety of styles and colors. Here are some common LED neon tubes.

Top Bend LED Neon Flex Lights

Top bend series silicone neon flex is made of environmentally friendly silicone material, which is extruded in one piece. The protection level reaches IP67, which is very suitable for long-term outdoor use, and the surface is not easy to turn yellow.

Top Bend LED Neon Flex Lights

Side Bend LED Neon Flex Lights

Side bend series silicone neon flex adopts a unique optical structure design, the light is even, without any shadows. It can be used for contour, interior and outdoor decorative lighting, and other scenes.

Side Bend LED Neon Flex Lights

3D Neon LED Neon Flex Lights

3D neon series silicone neon flex adopts flexible silicone material, and strong plasticity, combined with the bend of side and top two type lighting surfaces. Unique optical light distribution, uniform lighting surface with no shadow.

3D Neon LED Neon Flex Lights

360° Round LED Neon Flex Lights

360° round series silicone neon flex effect 25mm diameter strip with 360° even illumination. No dark area. Flexible material, that match different application solutions to meet any molding needs.

360° Round LED Neon Flex Lights

Advantages of LED Neon Flex Lights

LED neon flex lights aren’t just about looks, they’re also versatile: Here are some of the key features and characteristics of LED Flex neon lights:


The LED Flex neon lights look is made from a flexible silicone-based material so it can be custom-bent and shaped. It’s this flexibility that makes them suitable for complex designs, curves, and a variety of applications where traditional neon can be challenging.

Energy Efficiency

LED light technology is known for its energy efficiency. Therefore, LED Flex neon lights consume significantly less power than traditional neon lights, helping to save energy and promote environmental sustainability.


Unlike traditional glass neon tubes that are fragile and difficult to transport, LED Flex neon housings are strong and durable. The silicone casing protects the LED light, making it resistant to outdoor impacts and environmental factors.


LED Flex neon lights come in a variety of colors, including single-color, dual-color, and RGB (red, green, blue) options. This allows for customization and dynamic color-changing effects, making them suitable for decorative and artistic applications.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly

LED Neon Flex lights contain no harmful substances and are very environmentally friendly. LED Flex neon lights last tens of thousands of hours, reducing replacement and maintenance costs.

Easy to Install

Installing LED Flex neon lights is generally simpler than traditional neon lights. They can be cut to custom lengths, and many models are designed for easy installation, making them suitable for professionals and DIYers alike.

Low Heat Emissions

LED Neon Flex lights emit very little heat compared to traditional neon lights. It is low voltage, so it is safe to touch and suitable for applications where heating is a concern.

Dimming Function

All of our LED Neon Flex lights come with dimming options, you just need to pair them with a compatible LED controller. You can adjust the brightness according to your preference. This feature adds flexibility to create different atmospheres.

How to Find a Quality LED Neon Flex Manufacturer and Supplier?

First of all, we must have a comprehensive understanding of LED neon tubes, so that we can better choose LED neon flex lights. You need to fully understand its raw materials, production process, and sales service. To ensure the quality of LED neon flex manufacturer, you must first choose a reliable manufacturer. Some details you need to know:

Raw materials:
To fully understand the raw materials of LED neon lights, you must choose high-quality raw materials. For example, for the light source inside, you should choose high-quality LED strip lights and real silicone. Only in this way can the quality of LED neon tubes be guaranteed.

First, take a look at the relevant certifications and certificates of LED neon flex manufacturer, so that you have an understanding of this product. Of course, certification cannot fully represent the quality of the product, so the certificate is only a reference for you.

Take samples:
The best certification method is to take samples and test them yourself. Good quality LED neon lights have different touches, and you can only know the quality of the product by testing it yourself. So I suggest you take some samples for testing first.

After-sales service:
The biggest guarantee when buying something is to have a stable after-sales service. I think this is what every consumer wants. After purchasing this LED neon light, whether it is installation or quality issues, etc., you need someone to handle it later. Therefore, be sure to find a supplier of LED neon tubes that pays attention to after-sales service.

Where are LED Flexible Neon Lights Mainly Used?

LED Neon Flex lights are versatile and can be used in many places, from residential to commercial lighting. And you can find it whether indoors or outdoors. Here are 10 commonly used places:

  • Architectural lighting: It is mainly used on the exterior walls of outdoor buildings, especially high-rise buildings. We can usually see that DMX512&SPI LED neon lights are mainly used to decorate and light up buildings, producing eye-catching visual effects.
  • Shop signs: When you walk in a bustling commercial street, you will find LED neon signboards. Because it is showing its beauty in another way. It displays the store’s signature, trends, and innovations in a variety of shapes and colors to increase visibility.
  • Entertainment venues: Most entertainment venues will choose LED neon lights for decoration, and the lights do not need to be too bright. It mainly plays a decorative role and sets off an atmosphere. This creates dynamic light displays through lights.
  • Residential interior design: LED neon tubes are also very popular among interior decoration designers. Because it can be stored in many forms, such as hanging LED neon lights and LED neon lights embedded in the wall. It greatly improves the taste of the interior, is simple and clean, and makes people’s eyes bright.
  • Landscaping: LED neon lights are suitable for outdoor park and landscape lighting. It supports random placement, greatly improves visibility, and at the same time outlines landscapes and pathways for an elegant outdoor lighting solution. Our LED neon tubes will not turn yellow or fade when used outdoors and can resist extreme weather and climate.

What are the Benefits of Importing LED Neon Lights from China?

Regarding how to purchase good quality LED neon lights, you can import LED neon flex lights manufacturer from China. This is very advantageous, both in terms of price and product quality.

Cost Savings

China’s manufacturing capabilities often result in competitive prices. You can compare the price and quality of LED neon lights. Only Chinese LED neon lights not only have favorable prices but also have very good quality.

Extensive product range

Our LED neon tubes are available in many different sizes and shapes for you to choose from. And there are front-emitting and side-emitting LED neon tubes, as well as other LED neon tubes with different functions. There are also new DMX512&SPI LED neon lights for you to choose from.


All of our LED neon supports customization. Length, color temperature, CRI, labels, and more. As long as you put forward your lighting project ideas, we can do our best to meet your needs.

Fast Production

All LED neon tube production is extruded by specialized machines. Under the premise of ensuring quality, our delivery time is also very fast. For regular hot-selling products, the delivery time is 6-8 working days. Quality manufacturing efficiency reduces production time.

How to Import LED Neon Flex Manufacturer from China?

You can choose several manufacturers of LED neon tubes based on the LED neon flex lights you want. Then contact us through the relevant contact information to learn about the relevant product information, price, and shelf life. If everything is to your liking, you can get some samples to test the quality first. After completing the sample, you can place a batch production order.

Why choose NeonLEDstrip’s LED Neon Flex Manufacturer?

When you are looking for an LED neon flex lights manufacturer, you need to carefully consider factors such as product quality, customization options, and global sourcing advantages. And NeonLEDstrip will provide high-quality LED neon flex lights and excellent service. In addition, all LED neon lights do not have any MOQ, free samples, or other services. We are a manufacturer of LED neon flex lights, please let us know if you have any needs.


What is LED flexible neon light?

LED Flex neon lights are a replacement and upgrade for traditional neon lights. It will be more flexible, energy-saving, and support customization. It is also versatile and can be used in many lighting scenarios.

How to find a reliable LED flexible neon light manufacturer?

First of all, you must understand LED neon lights yourself and find them based on your own needs. Then there are factors such as reputation, certification, product range, and product quality to consider. The best thing is to take some samples and go back to test them.

What are the options for LED neon lights?

LED Flex Neon lights come in many types and models. There are front-emitting and side-emitting LED neon lights. There are many color temperatures to choose from, including monochrome, RGB, and digital RGB neon, each type offering unique lighting possibilities.

How to ensure the quality of LED neon lights?

The main thing is to understand the raw materials of LED neon lights. Only high-quality raw materials can ensure the quality of finished LED neon lights. Take a sample to test first, and make sure it meets your expectations. Then confirm the good sales and good service.

Is it better to import LED neon lights from China?

Of course, importing from China offers cost savings, a wide range of products, customization options, and more, as well as fast delivery times and one-stop after-sales service. Let you experience pleasant shopping.

Can LED neon lights be used outdoors?

Yes, our LED neon tubes can be used outdoors. In addition to specially designed LED neon lights. LED neon lights are made of high-quality silicone and are weather-resistant. It does not change or harden and can be used in a variety of applications both indoors and outdoors.