How to connect Neon Strip Lights

LED Neon Flex Lighting offers a versatile and vibrant option for indoor and outdoor lighting. It is a popular alternative to traditional glass neon lights, offering endless creative possibilities for lighting schemes. Supporting custom lengths, cutting, and connecting yourself. So, after cutting, how to connect neon strip lights? In this article, we will explain in detail the steps on how to connect LED neon strip lights.

Raw Materials Required: Connect Neon Strip Lights

Before connecting the neon tube, you need to prepare the connection materials and tools. First, you will need the following connecting neon tube materials, for example:

  • Neon strip lights
  • Angle scissors
  • Scissors
  • Knife
  • Glue
  • Wires
  • End cap
  • End cap with hole
  • Power supply
Raw Materials Required Connect Neon Strip Lights

How to Connect Neon Strip Lights?

LED Neon Flex lighting is very easy to install. You can cut it to the appropriate size yourself, please note that the cutting points for 12V and 24V are different. After cutting, you can follow the steps below to connect the neon lights.

Cutting LED Neon Strip Lights:

Pay attention to the cutting mark. The 12V and 24V cutting points are different. Use scissors to make even cuts at the designated cutting marks on the neon strip. Pls cut squarely and downwards.

Remove Excess Neon Strip

For the convenience of welding, the excess part of the neon strip needs to be cut off after cutting until the bonding pad is exposed.

Welding the LED neon flexible light strip

Thread the power cord through the end cap and weld it to one end of the neon light. For a more waterproof seal, we recommend applying a drop of silicone sealant to the end of the flex strip before connecting it to the power cord.

Then connect the end cap and seal the outside with a layer of glue. This keeps it tight and waterproof.

Test the Neon Strip Lights

If you have used a heat gun you will need to wait until the light strip is completely cool before connecting to a power point.

After the connection is successful, you need to test whether the neon light can light up first. If there are no problems, the position can be fixed. Remember to turn off the power before checking connections.

Considerations for Connecting LED Neon Flex Lighting

  • Be sure to follow the steps for installing neon lights, and be sure to cut off the power before checking the connections.
  • Check the voltage of the neon light, 12V or 24V. You need to match a compatible LED power supply with the corresponding voltage.
  • When cutting neon lights, it is important to only cut along the designated cutting marks.
  • Before turning on the lighting, you need to check whether the connections are loose, the wires are exposed, or the outer sheath of the light bar is damaged.
  • Pls clean and check the connection place regularly, if any problems are found, lighting should not be used.


The above is a detailed analysis of how to correctly connect neon strip lights. The above steps are for your reference. We are committed to providing our customers with the most innovative lighting solutions while helping you achieve the results you want. We are a manufacturer of neon strip lights, please contact our team today.


What equipment is needed to connect neon light strips?

To attach the neon strip, you will need a Neon strip lights, Angle scissors, Scissors, Knife, Glue, Wires, End cap, End cap with hole, and a power supply (12v or 24v).

How to cut neon strips to the right size?

There is a cut mark on the neon light, and the 12V and 24V cut signs are different. You need to use a blade to make even cuts at the designated cutting marks on the LED neon flexible strip according to the logo.

What safety precautions should be paid attention to when connecting neon light strips?

The rear end of the seal needs to be treated to prevent water from entering. Again, avoid pulling or stretching the internal wires, and always use the appropriate voltage specified for your LED neon flex lights.

How to connect the power pins to the neon strip?

When installing the plug, thread the power cord through the plug first. Place the exposed wire of the LED neon flex strip on the right side and use pliers to insert the male power pin into the center of the exposed wire.

Connect multiple sections of neon strip together?

Yes, but you need to ensure that the neon lights in each segment can be used normally. Then connect them in the correct way, connect the power cord, and you can use it normally.